Coworking is the 4th Industrial Revolution

Coworking is the 4th industrial revolution

Coworking is not just an open space for working; Coworking is a movement. Its about working in a community and it’s on fire.

With over 50% percent of the population working independently by 2020, the demand for alternative workspace will continue to thrive. Corporations such as Facebook, IBM, HSB, E&Y, Cisco – choose rental of managed executive office space for some of their needs.

We have an epidemic of loneliness, one in four of us are lonely. At work, loneliness reduces task performance. Working from home can be isolating.  Coworking can provide the connection and community that people need  and are desperately searching for  in our society

At our new Coworking space in Athens Greece – we embrace our members as friends and ensure they  feel a sense of belonging  and connection with many events and happenings .Our office rental space in Greece combines  a life/work balance . – our executive office workspace in Athens  we  designed spacious, high ceilinged offices with plenty of natural light in a quiet yet central location.The informal vibe of the 100 m2 cafeteria at  resembles a home setting  for comfort and networking. Stunning  views of the Saronic sea and the island of Aegina and the 28000 m2 athletic center across the street . All these factors make your only choice for fully furnished ,coworking space in Athens Greece .

The stunning news is  that  Coworking offices  will eventually replace the conventional office.

Coworking is the 4th industrial revolution – driven by the changing nature of work.

The time will come when people don’t go to offices, they go to coworking spaces. Our executive office space asprires to become the best coworking space in Athens Greece .Come and join us !

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