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Coworking in Numbers

Coworking in numbers Coworking became a global phenomenon in 2010, but in recent years the cowork industry has exploded. Coworking became an attractive concept because back when it first started to appear, it countered the pejorative views of the traditional office. If we look back to just a few years ago, coworking was considered to […]

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Coworking for Corporations

Coworking for Corporations Coworking space isn’t just a  solution for freelancers and small companies anymore. For companies of all sizes coworking space in Athens Greece  provides perfect infrastructure, a great atmosphere with  industrial design for office rental in Athens and conference room rental in Athens . More and more big companies have realized the

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Coworking  in  the Sharing Economy

Coworking in the Sharing Economy The Sharing Economy by definition  allows people to exchange tangible and intangible with one another at scale. You can  now share the same office space with dozens of different companies, and stay at a stranger’s house instead of a hotel when you’re traveling out of town .The Internet connects providers 

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Intrinsic benefits of Coworking

Intrinsic benefits of Coworking There is a worldwide trend of companies moving out of  four walled  offices to rent coworking  office space   where people  work at their own comfort without  losing their motivation. People are no longer interested in hiding behind tiny cubicles , nor do they like  taking care of their offices. Simultaneously, they

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Athens Greece foreign office location

Athens Greece foreign office location Athens is  currently  the ideal location for any foreign  company planning to penetrate the European market Offering  one of the lowest priced  office  rentals throughout Europe -even compared to the neighboring Balkan capitals including Tirana, Belgrade & Bucharest . The decreased office  rental prices in Athens are  due to  lack

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Commercial contracts for office rental in Athens Greece

Commercial office rental in Athens Greece in the southern suburbs. Renting a small office in Athens in the southern suburbs is becoming increasingly more difficult. Airbnb’s  increased demand  for rentals in Athens Greece  towards the beach has resulted in converting office rentals   to appartments . Even for office rentals  in suburbs such as Ilioupoli, Argyroupoli,

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