Why millenials love coworking shared office spaces

Coworking spaces worldwide are extremely well suited to and thrive with the millennial population for a multitude of reasons .

1. Lower costs.

Shared office spaces like CoWork.gr are cheaper than their full-office counterparts. Leasing a comparable office space to that provided by a cowork space is far more expensive. Also office rental entails expensive and time consuming furnishing and set up costs. With all inclusive membership fees at CoWork.gr at only €150 per month the advantage is clear !

2. Fewer responsibilities.

Millennial entrepreneurs who partake in a managed coworking space have fewer responsibilities to worry about.At the fully serviced coworking facility CoWork.gr things like cleaning and maintenance are taken care of . This is one reason why millennials tend to prefer office rental over owning; most of the annoying tasks and responsibilities are already accounted for.

3. Networking opportunities.

In a shared office space like CoWork.gr there are dozens of other people occupying the same location as you. It’s a perfect place to meet new people in the professional world, which is advantageous to the social millennial who wants to expand their professional network.

4. Smaller commitments.

Millennials also like the idea that they don’t have to commit. Leases tend to cover periods of several years, and owning a building is an investment that can (or should) last for a decade or longer. And that is assuming you can afford to make the investment! Shared office space at CoWork.gr can be reduced to only a monthly commitment. If your needs change often, this is a must.

5. Support for startups.

Most millennials love the idea of starting their own business, and many are following through on that entrepreneurial drive. Thanks to the availability of online resources, and the fast turnover rate for tech startups, creating a startup from scratch happens fast these days, and can be done with smaller teams. That increased, rapid-fire demand for startup space has been a boom for the shared cowork office space industry; CoWork.gr shared spaces are ideal for entrepreneurs with a great idea, small budgets  and a need for networking with other business owners.

6. Urban-centric locations.

Most millennials prefer to live in urban centers, where access to resources like grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment are convenient and mutually accessible to others. Cowork.gr managed office space is in a central yet quiet location in Athens South ,Greece 10 minutes from the city center and 30 minute drive from the airport.
With access to banks, restaurants, supermarkets around the corner. Also with stunning views of the Saronic gulf and the island of Aegina.The 28000 sq meter Halikaki Athletic Center across the street provides plenty of exercise options – a track with the best tartan in Athens, outdoor sheltered gym equipment etc .

7. Resistance to traditional offices.

Finally, millennials are resisting the urge to comply with traditional executive office structures They’re breaking down corporate hierarchies, dismantling 9 to 5 mentalities, and even redefining social norms in business interactions..At CoWork.gr we provide 24/7 access .Shared offices offer more opportunities for individual expression , and offer a counterpoint to traditional office culture.

To put it simply,the worldwide trend is professional  Coworking offices like CoWork.gr are new , hip and here to stay .

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