Commercial office rental in Athens Greece in the southern suburbs.

Renting a small office in Athens in the southern suburbs is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Airbnb's  increased demand  for rentals in Athens Greece  towards the beach

has resulted in converting office rentals   to appartments .

Even for office rentals  in suburbs such as Ilioupoli, Argyroupoli, Elliniko, Dafni that are not directly on the beach .

Commercial contracts are legally binding for at least  3 years in Greece .Yet in 3 years your needs may change.

Even so, according to greek law the greek business lease remains in effect .

You must also calculate the considerable  cost of furniture and upkeep of renting an office  in Athens Greece.

The flexible coworking offices  in Athens Greece solve all your problems!

The commercial contract for our coworking space is only  for 1 year and can be discontinued  earlier without any penalty .

Our serviced, fully furnished  offices provide you with a wonderful workspace in Athens Greece .

Luxurious office for start ups in Athens from 300 euro per month, with 5 hour weekly use of our conference room and payment of all utilities .

The phenomenal growth of coworking spaces in Europe is well deserved ! We look forward to meeting you at for your office rental in Athens Greece