Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

We have just decided on the layout of our ground floor conference center Art

A total of 5 meeting rooms with capacity for up to 80 participants

Our objective is  to reinvent the conference room experience .

Each meeting room will be indivually , tastefully furnished  in a club atmosphere.

On the ground floor with plenty of natural light right next  to  the metro station .

The 80m2 outer sheltered  area in front of the building will be landscaped as a green   break out area .

                 A pleasant alternative to the bleak  meeting rooms we have all been subjected to at five star hotels .

             With the uniformity of the  chairs as above photo actually called the “Hilton chair”

Yet our room rental prices will be significantly lower .

Our objective is also to reinvent  the conference  coffee break /meal  experience

Seemingly to have remained unchanged forever as attached photo.

We have all been subjected to the filter coffee and concentrated orange juice - both of which are literally undrinkable

The tasteless biscuits and cake , often stale .The meals with  bland hotel  food.

In contrast we   provide the  conference  organiser the following options

1) Meeting room setup with  nespresso coffee machine so the organiser can offer  a wide  assortment of coffee

He  also brings  in   freshly baked cake, biscuits, croissants etc from a bakery

2) On arrival  the participants  choose from a menu what coffee /tea/meal   they would like

 The organiser  places the order to  a nearby delivey  to be delivered at a specified time .

3) The organiser brings  in his  own catering company for  coffee breaks /meals.

All three  options at no additional charge from us .

       Οf course we provide the option of rental of a second meeting room for  your catering company to provide a meal  as per your request.

Whatever choice you make  coffee break/meals the participants will actually enjoy at a fraction of the cost.

Stay posted for updates!

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