Travel Cowork .  The advantages of coworking abroad 

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who simply needs a fast internet  connection to make money — coworking abroad is for you!
Coworking abroad has become extremely popular  for anyone looking for a lifestlye change without changing their careers.
The concept really just means that you can have a productive career  not limited by   leased office space.
Individuals are now opting for coworking spaces around the globe to work from wherever  and cut costs.
Our coworking space in Athens Greece - is a prime example!

But how effective is travel cowork ?
Travel coworking spaces including in Athens Greece offer major  advantages
1) You build a stronger network
At  travel  coworking offices  like you meet  people in a variety of fields.Entrepreneurs, programmers, influencers etc  , creating  a diverse network of new friends.You also collaborate offering each  other services . Sharing  office space at  with different brilliant minds is a thrilling and motivating experience leading to success
2)Your inspiration and productive flow will grow
Creative people  work hard at   inspiring you to  become more productive . You also have time to enjoy  Athens -from  soaking  up  beach time 15 minutes away  or the culture and   attractions .
3)You save money
Forget bland offices with  long term leases and  enjoy the convenience of a travel coworking space like on a month to month basis with 24/7 access.
Coworking abroad at our fully serviced coworking facility , you don’t have to worry about utilities, internet connection. Everything is provided  including conference rooms and kitchens. Our luxurious  offices -  are  designed to be vibrant, exciting and comforting!
4) You have the world at your disposal
The biggest, best and most obvious perk that comes with travel cowork is just that, the travel!
We’re in the digital age where work and travel are intertwining.
The  experience, growth, and memories you’ll gain from coworking abroad is invaluable .
Travel cowork  at our coworking space  may  be your opportunity to  accomplish your work and travel dreams.
And if Facebook and Google started from  garages, who knows if the next big thing will  come from - our  coworking space in Athens  Greece ?