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I chose our new coworking building  for two reasons .

The second reason was the terrazzo flooring 

The building had this tacky , grimmy  green carpet  .

I asked the real estate agent "What is underneath this cringeworthy carpet ?"

He answered  "I don't know .Let's see ."

We uncovered a corner revealing a beautiful beige terrazzo. It  turns out this is the flooring of the entire building .

I  adored it !

The construction crew did not agree with me .

They suggested banal floor tiling on top of the carpet - quicker  and cheaper than restoring the terrazzo.And how time consuming finding  the right solvent and removing the glue used  for  the hideous carpet.

I would not be swayed .They have reluctantly accepted my decision .

Terrazzo is the latest trend for interior design for 2020. Because it is so expensive the trend is expressed with tiling approximating a terrazzo design.Terrazzo   is a composite material, handmade and unique  .

The craftsman  asks the customer what colors he would like and creates the flooring accordingly by embedding chips of marble,quartz, granite and glass with a cementitious binder.Terrazzo floors  are the most expensive flooring  you can have installed - more expensive than marble and granite. You are not only using a combination of two of the most expensive materials,but also using concrete to set.

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