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Halikaki outdoor gym Athens Greece

Choose your office space rental in Athens Greece bearing in mind the following  tips

1) Location of the excutive office facilities in Athens Greece.

It is preferable to rent office space in Athens Greece outside the ring of daily traffic regulations. The inner circle of the city is accessible for cars with odd or even number plates based on the date .This means you can only drive to your coworking office space in the inner circle of  Athens on alternate days -Our executive office facilites in Athens Greece are in a strategic central location outside the ring . Also at   our coworking office space ample parking  is available so you don t need to pay for monthly parking.

2) Calculate the total cost of furnished office space rental in Athens Greece

Serviced office facilities  frequently  have additional costs such as 24% VAT, parking fees , meeting room use etc.
At our coworking space rental at  we offer  all inclusive low prices without hidden costs.

3) Smoking at furnished workspaces in Athens Greece .

If either you or your customers smoke,  make sure you check where smoking is allowed at the coworking faclities for rent in Athens Greece .
At our executive office facilities  you have direct access to the balcony just  outside your desk  while gazing at the unbeatable  view of the Saronic gulf .

4) Quality of coworking space for rent in Athens Greece.

The  serviced office in Athens Greece   is where you will spend most of your day .  Therefore your quality of life depends on the coworking office space you choose .  - Our executive office facilities in Athens Greece provide bright offices on a quiet street with balconies everywhere.For stress free  moments of peace where you can hear yourself think   while gazing at the island of Aegina.
The Halikaki Athletic Center across the street provides   cost free  exercise !

We look forward to welcoming you to   - the best coworking office facilities in Athens Greece !

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