Mycenae Suite

Τhe masterpiece wall mural "The Musician"
from the Palace of Pylos of  the Mycenaean civilization dating back to 1300 bc.

The musician plays the lyre - the predominant musical instrument of Mycenae.
The lyre's white color and the dainty horse pedal shape with ends carved as swan heads,
imply it was made of ivory.
The musician barely touches the chords with a gentle movement as if to enchant the bird flying by him .

Poetry and music are intertwined in daily life from very early in greek civilization .

Conference Center Art
The new alternative,exciting destination for meetings and happenings in Athens Greece.

Displaying  masterpiece wall murals from Ancient Greek civilization .
Ground floor,luxurious  meeting rooms with plenty of natural light right next to Ilioupoli metro station .
For your next meeting ,training , company celebration at enticingly low prices !
The perfect choice to add status and prestigious to your next meeting.

Mycenae Suite
Capacity  30 people in theater format .
Fast Wi-Fi and earthnet internet connection available inside and outside the building
Smart TV
Comfortable chairs for long sessions .
Break out area right outside the meeting room in a sheltered terrace for your coffee breaks.

Coffee Break & Meals
We provide three options
1)  Fully equipped kitchen for you to prepare the coffee break to be served in the meeting room .
There is no additional charge from us
2)  A delivery service of your choice can bring coffee /meals ordered at a prespecified time to be served in the meeting room.
There is no additional charge from us
3) An additional meeting room for meals served by a catering company of your choice .
We charge the rental for the additional meeting room .

Monday to Friday 9,00 am to 9,00pm
3 Hours at €80,00, 6 hours at €140,00, 9 hours at €200,00
Saturday 9,00 am to 6,00pm
3 Hours at €90,00, 6 hours at €150,00, 9 hours at €210,00
Sunday 9,00 am to 3,00pm
3 Hours at €90,00, 6 hours at €150,00
We issue an invoice with additional cost of 24% VAT