BUSINESS ADD.  is a S.A. corporation  for over 25 years. We  provide registered office address rental  n Athens Greece at low prices!
Your instant presence in a prime location and a prestigious business address.
Use our address as your company's busines headquarters .
Project a more professional image on your business cards,Google location and email signature .
In order to set up your business in Greece you must declare your business office address
regardless of your line of business.Over the last few years the Greek taxation office has
become strict as to  office space requirements
For  your business venture in Greece for 2019  to be legitimate you must rent a physical space.
This is a prerequisite  for Greek subsidized company  programs.

Please contact us so we can send you a comprehensive email with information.

1)Business venture that does not require meetings with customers

The taxation office requires Business Headquarters - Warehouse .
We provide space at  of 6 cubic meters at only €55,00 monthly all inclusive price !
Suitable to set up office in Greece  for eshops, clubs, associations, building companies, technicians( computer, painters, electricians, plumbers,carpenters,  landscaping etc)

2)Business venture that requires meetings with customers

The taxation office requires  Business Headquarters - Office.
We provide space at  of 6 sq meters at only €75,00 monthly all inclusive price !
Sutiable to set up a  office in Greece  for freelancers such as lawyers, solicitors. Architects,interior decorators, mechanical engineers, accountants, psychologists,dieticians. consultants,training & seminar companies, event organizers, graphics designers, public relations companies, real estate agents, car rental agencies

Procedure  to declare your business entity

The legal representative declares  the rental contract to the taxation office stating
X as the legal representative of newly founded company Y.
The taxation office  may visit  the physical space of  the business headquarters at  
By declaring  your rental contract  to the taxation office you are given a greek VAT number
for the company formation in Greece.The legal representative signs a new contract with under the new company name.