Coworking for Corporations

Coworking space isn’t just a  solution for freelancers and small companies anymore.

For companies of all sizes coworking space in Athens Greece  provides perfect infrastructure, a great atmosphere with  industrial design for office rental in Athens and conference room rental in Athens .

More and more big companies have realized the potential of coworking spaces such as  in  Greece  for maintaining a culture of innovation. Shared offices can fundamentally change knowledge and act as a catalyst for innovation.Corporate employees feel much more comfortable  and  prefer to work at coworking offices in Athens  like  instead of giant multinationals . It is far more sociable and less hierarchical .

Technology giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google and IBM started the trend, and there’s a continued tendency across all industries to post small groups in coworking spaces, including , as innovative outposts.

Major  companies  Twitter, VW,Uber , Bacardi and General Electric rent offices  at  coworking spaces. Their  employees are  brand ambassadors at the executive offices  while talking to other members  over coffee. At the advantages of this social interaction brings increased revenue  to all members .

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