Coworking in Numbers

Coworking became a global phenomenon in 2010, but in recent years the cowork industry has exploded. Coworking became an attractive concept because back when it first started to appear, it countered the pejorative views of the traditional office. If we … Continued

Free use of meeting rooms for startups in Athens

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In the Greek business world we are witnessing the increase of startups- newly emerged business ventures with an innovative approach and the potential to grow exponentially compared to the labor force  they employ. Start up enterprises have created thousand of … Continued

Travel cowork. The advantages of coworking abroard

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who simply needs a fast internet  connection to make money — coworking abroad is for you! Coworking abroad has become extremely popular  for anyone looking for a lifestlye change without changing their careers. The concept really … Continued

Alternative conference facilities

Events are all about experiences, and in the future, experiences will continue to be a major influence as events increase in number, and participants are spoilt for choice. Apart from the destination, the second biggest feature guaranteed to differentiate you  … Continued

Coworking for Corporations

Coworking space isn’t just a  solution for freelancers and small companies anymore. For companies of all sizes coworking space in Athens Greece  provides perfect infrastructure, a great atmosphere with  industrial design for office rental in Athens and conference room … Continued

Coworking  in  the Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy by definition  allows people to exchange tangible and intangible with one another at scale. You can  now share the same office space with dozens of different companies, and stay at a stranger’s house instead of a hotel … Continued

Why Millennials Love Coworking Shared Office Spaces

Coworking spaces worldwide are extremely well suited to and thrive with the millennial population for a multitude of reasons . 1. Lower costs. Shared office spaces like are cheaper than their full-office counterparts. Leasing a comparable office space to … Continued

Coworking is the 4th Industrial Revolution

Coworking is not just an open space for working; Coworking is a movement. Its about working in a community and it’s on fire. With over 50% percent of the population working independently by 2020, the demand for alternative workspace will … Continued

Intrinsic benefits of Coworking

There is a worldwide trend of companies moving out of  four walled  offices to rent coworking  office space   where people  work at their own comfort without  losing their motivation. People are no longer interested in hiding behind tiny cubicles , … Continued

Athens Greece foreign office location

  Athens is  currently  the ideal location for any foreign  company planning to penetrate the European market Offering  one of the lowest priced  office  rentals throughout Europe -even compared to the neighboring Balkan capitals including Tirana, Belgrade & Bucharest . … Continued

Commercial contracts for office rental in Athens Greece

Commercial office rental in Athens Greece in the southern suburbs. Renting a small office in Athens in the southern suburbs is becoming increasingly more difficult. Airbnb’s  increased demand  for rentals in Athens Greece  towards the beach has resulted in converting … Continued

Coworking open space office rental in Athens Greece

Coworking Open Space office rental in Athens Greece  At we offer office space  for rent in our fully serviced offices  in Athens at only 200 euro per month! Coworking office spaces – A worldwide trend with ever increasing popularity of … Continued

Office rental in Athens Greece

September is the month for new business ventures . The first significant issue is office space rental . Your quest for renting office space in Athens Greece at a reasonable price will force you to forget renting the workspace of … Continued